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STOP! Before you decide to press the back button this is not a subscription gambling service or anything close to that. I will not (at any time) ask for ANY money from you.....please read on....

The information you will read is 100% correct - you can beat the bookmaker. Unfortunately, I've now been placed in a position with many online bookmakers whereby I'm unable to benefit from this information but I'm prepared to inform you how to do

Important: The easiest way to maximise online bookmaker offers requires you to firstly open a Betfair account (£25 free bet offer for new customers) - by doing this you can now act as a bookmaker and reduce your risk by laying your own bets.

You will also be required to open an account with the "cashback" website, Quidco (see link above).

There are many leading online bookmakers and betting exchanges which offer new customers incredible free bet bonus offers to sign up as a new client. What we are "taking advantage" of these free bet offers and generating risk free profits. Nothing could be easier.

Selecting the bookmaker (via your Quidco account) with the best sign up offer is crucial. There are hundreds of bookmakers worldwide and I will list the ones you should start with later.

Signing up to qualify for the free bet is only the start of this new adventure. Once you see how easy the profits can be you'll be opening new accounts on a daily basis!

Example 1: (please re-read this example)

Ladbrokes £30 new sign up offer.
Very important - By signing up via Quidco you also get a further £20 free cashback!

ie. Deposit £30 (of your money) and Ladbrokes give you a 100% free £30 bet.
*we need to read what the terms are required for the free bet - this could be that the 1st selection must be at odds of Even money or better to qualify.

Next, we look to back a selection (this could be a horse, football team, tennis player etc) at around Evens with Ladbrokes and then lay this same selection bet with Betfair.

Example selection found:
Bet: Ladbrokes back £30 win Manchester Utd @ Evens to beat Chelsea.
Lay: Betfair lay Manchester Utd @ Evens to beat Chelsea (5% commission taken)

If the bet wins you win at Ladbrokes (£60: this means £30 plus your original £30 stake) and pay out £60 (£30 lay stake is lost) at Betfair - no profit or loss.

If the bet lost, you lose your £30 at Ladbrokes (your balance would be zero) but gain £28.50 at Betfair (note: commission of 5% taken off for winning at Betfair) - Therefore we lose £1.50 if Manchester Utd lost.
Don't Panic, you'll get that £1.50 back now....
Okay, we are now either level after the original qualifying bet or down £1.50. What we now look to achive is getting the £30 free bet on a selection at odds of around 7/1 or better to get the best possible outcome.

Your next bet is £30 (Rememberyour free £30 bet with Ladbrokes) on a selection at around 7/1. The selection also needs to be layed off at Betfair. However, this is extremely important, you do not lay the selection for £30.

Go to:

Fill out the calculator which will look like this:    Notice the "free bet" tick box is ticked and that the "stake forfeited" box reads £30 as we do not get the £30 stake back with Ladbrokes.

Therefore, you need to go to Betfair and lay the same selection at 7/1 (this will be shown as "8"), for £26.42.

If the selection wins OR gets beat you will gain £25.09 risk free! Please note that the stake is rarely included in free bet offers returns from bookmakers - that is why you need to use the calculator above. You have now successfully completed your first legal "match bet". Now, if the profit is with Ladbrokes move the funds out and move onto your next bookmaker. You will find that Ladbrokes and other bookmakers will continue to send you emails promotions for free bets etc to try and get you to come back. This is great. If you receive another £10 or £20 free bet offer from Ladbrokes via email, just follow the steps above to make the most out of the free bet offer promotion.

It is the fastest growing form of free money making on the internet

How can bookmakers afford to do this?

Well, they obviously hope you are going to join the millions of "mug punters" and continue to bet with them. What you are doing is not betting or gambling - you are NOT a gambler! Please understand this. You are now a match better - this is totally different.

This works very well along side sports arbitrage betting. Arbitrage bettings means placing a selection with one bookmaker when they have made price errors and laying the bet with Betfair or Betdaq to guarantee a profit, win or lose. Unfortunately, as I have been very successful with arbitrage betting I have had many off my betting accounts either closed or only allowed very small stakes on selections. My stakes with Bet365, William Hill, Stan James among others has been greatly reduced - please see the videos which will show this.
Match betting and arbitrage betting are risk free and more importantly, tax free incomes. Do not miss out on this opportunity. If you require more information please email me or read through the website.

I have been "match betting" for some time now and have taken this to the next level which is "arbitrage betting". Arbitrage betting is when you back with one bookmaker and can lay this bet off with Betfair or bet a seperate result to GUARANTEE no matter what happens, you WILL win!

If you are new to this you will certainly not believe the above statement, but it is correct. For example, you could back a football match (home, draw, away result) with 3 different bookmakers and after staking the correct amounts on each selection you will profit. You will however require one of the calculators listed to confirm the staking plan.

Whats the downside? Is there one?

Well, if you get too good at this you get your account limited or "gubbed", and some bookmakers limit most, if not all your bets. Please see an example below whereby Stan James offered me £2.60 on a 8/1 shot instead of £15. You may need to open the youtube window in fullscreen.

I can inform you of the "do's and don'ts" to keep your account nice and active for a long time. Learn from the early errors that most newbies make before getting involved too early. Please email me to get an insider look at the best methods to make the most out of Match and Arbitrage Betting.

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