FatWallet and Quidco

Where do I start?

Setting up a free Quidco account will get the most out of these offers. 
My personal recommendation would be to start searching Quidco or the American equivalent, FatWallet for the full list of promotions and offers available.
With cashback offers upto £150 (new Vodafone contract) I would certainly expect you to make enough money in your first year to purchase a new new laptop or HD TV.   
                                       FatWallet Coupons and Deals                                                                                          

At present Quidco have offers and promotions for numerous retailers including Amazon, Aviva, Tesco, Ladbrokes, Talk Talk, Argos and many many more. There are no catches and no payment is required to sign up to Quidco. Note: these offers change on a weekly basis and you must keep a close eye on them. 

FatWalletQuido offer users the chance to receive cashback on items purchased online from major stores and not only online retailers. Please see the screen capture above from my personal Quidco account and also notice the £20 tracked payment from Paddy Power on the 12th May.

I've had people asking me if this is for real - free money with very little effort. I'll let you decide.....I don't think you'll be disappointed though.

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